I'm Anna Cordelia... & I'm A PMDD Warrior

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Hey there Gorgeous...

…  I'm Anna, a multi-award winning Makeup Artist, Author & Business Boss with an obsession for feeling beautiful.

I’m all about helping busy women feel beautiful & get goddess confident through the power of makeup, beauty hacks and mindset magic!

I believe in Lobster Soulmates, Star Gazing, Big Dreams & NO Regrets. I live somewhere 'Up North in the UK with the love of my life & 2 beautiful & incredibly cheeky kids.

I've a (slightly worrying) KitKat Chunky habit, a love affair with decent coffee & 99% all black wardrobe.

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5 Pursglove Terrace Guisborough UK TS14 6HQ

anna@kitkatsandclarte.com  /  Tel. 07888749277

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